UV Clear Skin Facial ™️
UV Clear Skin Facial ™️
UV Clear Skin Facial ™️
UV Clear Skin Facial ™️
UV Clear Skin Facial ™️

UV Clear Skin Facial ™️

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You’ll really want to read this details because the UV Clear Skin Facial™️ Face Facial Cleansing Tool has a feature no other cleansing tool or brush I’ve used has. Great for makeup cleaning! and getting face ready to show your flawless makeup!

With konja sponges, Clarisonic brushes, and simple facial cleansing brushes all the rage at the moment you might wonder what sets the Clear Skin Facial apart from everything else. Well, it actually inflates and deflates. Yes, like a balloon!

So how do you use it? What’s it do? Our video shows it all and you will have instructions and information below 

It’s a very large rubberized sponge with tiny rubber spikes much like the sponge you get with

This Clear Skin Facial cleanser is different from your ordinary Clean Cleanser Deep Facial Cleanser. The main different is the larger size and the fact you can inflate and deflate the Clear Skin Facial so it fits the contour of your face and provides different types of friction to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Located on the top handle you’ll find a little pull out pump that you simply push up and down to inflate the head of the sponge. It’ll start to fill with air and round out as you pump much like a balloon. I personally like it filled with a little air (as seen in the last photo below) as this provides the best friction to exfoliate my drier skin as I cleanse. For a softer exfoliation you might want to pump a bit more as the spikes will expand and be a little less harsh on skin. The unit is customizable in this aspect as you can pump as little or as much air as you want into the sponge’s head.

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Miraclear Face Facial Cleansing Tool4

Miraclear Face Facial Cleansing Tool5

Miraclear Face Facial Cleansing Tool6

Miraclear Face Facial Cleansing Tool8

After you’ve pumped it up you can apply a dab of your favorite cleanser onto the sponge and gently move it around your face to cleanse. It gives a nice deep clean and does a rather fabulous job loosening clogged pores on my nose so I can follow up directly after with a nose strip that will pull out more plugs thank to the sponge loosening them up. When you’re finished cleaning your face you simply rinse off the unit and click the pump back in to release the air and deflate the sponge. Done!

Weird but kinda fun and a pretty nice way to cleanse, exfoliate, and loosen up clogged pores for a deep clean!

Our customers love a good beauty gadget and this Clear Skin FacialCleansing Tool is a nifty little face cleansing tool to have around.

FaceClean - originated from the traditional bathing culture of the Far East

  • - for gentle skin care and dermabrasion for the whole body
  • - Deep cleansing of the facial skin
  • - The air cushion is made of a skin-friendly & durable silver Nano silicone for a high antibacterial effect + long life
  • - made of skin-friendly materials
  • - clears the skin of bacteria & impurities and refines the pores
  • - Blood circulation of the skin is promoted
  • - Skin looks younger and fresher
  • - inflatable
  • - It is light and nestles wonderfully in the hand

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