Facial Skin Optimizer
Facial Skin Optimizer
Facial Skin Optimizer

Facial Skin Optimizer

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Tri-Light is the world's first customizable light therapy device that will reawaken your skin's dewy, youthful glow & achieve that V-sculpt you've been after. 

A handheld wireless device that activates skin with Chromotherapy (LED) and Low Frequency Current Stimulation. LED Chromotherapy penetrates deep into your skin to activate the light receptors in your skin cells, addressing specific skin concerns while Low Frequency Stimulation gently regenerates skin cells, helping them increase their metabolism, blood and lymphatic circulation and helps enhance the penetration of active ingredients in skincare products.


  • Soothe with Blue LED Light for sensitive and acne-prone skin
  • Repair with Red LED Light for lines and lifting
  • Glow with Amber LED Light for dull and blemished skin
  • Optimize skincare up to 90%
  • V-Sculpt for a contoured v-shape face

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