Grappling Climbing Hook
Grappling Climbing Hook
Grappling Climbing Hook
Grappling Climbing Hook
Grappling Climbing Hook

Grappling Climbing Hook

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Calling all thrill seekers and outdoor enthusiasts! Here's one must-have tool you can't miss!


Introducing the Grappling Climbing Hook - a mechanical claw and grappling hook that's perfect for any outdoor adventure. Throw it and the jaws will push open once it hits its aim, and then close when pulled back. It hooks precisely ensuring sturdy grappling.

Attach it to a sturdy rope and it can withhold heavy weight items on its ring buckle. Use it as a two-pronged or four-pronged hook depending on your need like catching, opening bottle caps or cans, towing a car, or even as an emergency weapon. 

It's compact enough to be stowed on your backpack straps, or you may also dismantle it for more compact storage. This compact, durable and multi-functional tool is ideal for any outdoor activities like mountain climbing, wilderness survival training, and rescue operations. 


  • Retrieve a dropped item on the ground (great for those who work in construction roofing, plumbing, pipefitting, electrical, logging, forestry). Keep this handy in your tool belt. 
  • As a bottle opener
  • To keep it in your hand while walking trails in areas with sink holes or quicksand (could help save your life!)
  • To use as an emergency weapon
  • Snag something out of a lake (perhaps save someone or an animal from drowning)
  • Retrieving items that blow off a dock such as lawn chairs and debris after a hurricane
  • Gathering firewood from a dead tree with branches high out-of-reach
  • To scale walls, then hooking your gear and dragging it up and over.
  • Pulling off widow maker dead limbs from oak trees
  • Hoisting up items as when it is weighted, the jaws clamp tight and once lifted off the ground, it doesn't let go.
  • Bringing down branches and such when clearing land for the home stead
  • Straightening out a leaning tree
  • Pull weeds out of a garden
  • Pull moss and limbs out of a pond that is too overgrown to fish
  • Purely for entertainment reasons, to pass time with your friends, it's fun to throw at things
  • Pick up quarters off the ground (that amazes just about anyone, especially kids)
  • To pride yourself on being prepared for anything so when the only tool for the job is a grappling hook, you will be ready.


  • Only 11oz and compact enough to fit easily into any pocket or bag.
  • Can be dismantled for more compact storage. Very portable!
  • The claws can expand and collapse which makes it very easy to carry.
  • The Power Hook is a cross constituted with a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down naturally, the jaws are pushed open due to the gravity. And the jaws close when reversed.
  • Easy to Use: Tie any rope or string that is firm enough for large weight to the ring buckle at the bottom. Then use it for catching, opening the covers of bottles or cans, pulling a broken car, or even as an emergency weapon. The provided O-rings keep the 0.15Mx0.1M Power Hook closed firmly

Package includes:

  • 1 x Power Hook™ (Assembled)
  • 1 x Bat Gear Tie
  • 2 x Rubber O-Ring (Keeps the Power Hook closed firmly when used)

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